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What about a trip to Lviv?

What about a trip to Lviv?

Lviv is a top destination for both medical and cultural tourism in Ukraine. This city is believed to be the most beautiful Ukraine with its long history, breathtaking architecture, and diverse cultural heritage. This city was established by Daniel, King of Ruthenia, back in the 13th century, and the citizens still preserve its royal spirit.

Its beneficial location and well-established transportation connections with almost all EU countries (regular flights from Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, etc.) make it attractive to Europeans.

Top 3 places to visit in Lviv

Lviv is rich in cultural sights worth visiting. Thus, we have prepared the top three places to visit in this stunning city.

1.       Rynok Square is probably the most popular and famous area in Lviv. Here you will find everything – the City Tower from the top of which you can see the whole city, gorgeous architecture masterpieces, numerous museums, street artists and musicians, as well as extraordinary and spirited cafes and restaurants. Every single building there has something special to offer you.

2.       High Castle is perfect for you if you are not scared of physical challenges. It`s situated on a hill not far from the city center and to get there, you will have to overcome hundreds of steps. But it pays off because you will see a breathtaking landscape and view of the city on the top. Since that is where King`s castle was situated many centuries ago, this is a sacred place for Lvivers. And you still can see what is left from the castle there.

3.       Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption is located right near Rynok Square, and it will be nothing of a problem to find because it`s impossible not to notice this building. This 14th-century cathedral is a gorgeous masterpiece of gothic architecture supplemented with elements of later epochs. And you can even visit a mass in the English language and listen to the outstanding organ music there.

Those are the three most popular destinations, but Lviv has so much more to offer – galleries, museums, parks, and diverse and entertaining nightlife – nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes with a unique atmosphere.


Everything you need to know about the organization of your trip

A trip to a new country is always a challenge. You have to take care of so many things – tickets, accommodation, food, documents and so much more. Ukraine is still a mysterious land for Europeans, and it may be quite effort-consuming to organize such a trip.

But don`t get discouraged yet! Our coordinators from "Parens Fertility" are here to help you with any issues you may face when planning your journey to Ukraine. Not only do we offer high-quality treatment services, but we also assist you in the organization.

We know that undertaking a medical program abroad is quite stressful, so we want to support you on all its stages – from your first contact with our manager to you holding your long-desired child in your hands. If you feel that you need assistance with booking a ticket for a plane/train/bus or finding a place to stay, or you just want to feel that there is someone you can trust in this new country and unknown city, don`t worry – we are here for you!

Your motherhood journey in Lviv

The first step to begin your journey is to contact our manager to get information about the program you are interested in. Our employee will answer all your questions and discuss your preferences and expectations with you.

After that, our manager calculates the total price of the program you chose and includes both medical and additional costs (transportation, accommodation, translation). That is when we will send you the draft of the contract to be read and signed.

The next step is to agree on the timeline of the program. We will decide on when you want to come to Ukraine and draw a plan for your visits. We will help you with booking tickets, accommodation, and other aspects of your trip.

On the day of your first arrival, we can meet you at the airport or train/ bus station and help you to get to the place where you stay. On the first arrival, you will meet your doctor, undergo all the necessary lab tests and other examinations, and together with our fertility experts, we will decide on what is to be done next.

If it turns out that you need an egg donor, we will help you to choose one from our donor database within our Surrogacy with Donor`s Oocytes. You will get all the necessary info about your donor – about her education, hobbies, lifestyle, and, of course, appearance.

If you decide to participate in our Surrogacy Program with your own Oocytes, we will meet with your potential surrogate mother and schedule further procedures. On the first arrival, you will get your ovarian stimulation medicines and have to come back to our center for egg retrieval.

On the next arrival, your eggs will be retrieved and fertilized. In 4-5 days, they will be transplanted into your surrogate`s womb. In two weeks, we will be able to confirm whether implantation was successful. And that is when your motherhood journey begins!

On your last arrival, you will come to see your child be born and take it home. You don`t have to worry about any legal aspects of the program because our legal team will arrange everything for you, and you will get your parenthood certificate without any problems. Ukrainian legislation is very strict in this aspect and ensures the rights of the parents-to-be.

Here, in "Parens Fertility," we care about making your parenthood journey convenient and hassle-free, and, for this reason, we try to provide you with as much support and assistance as you may need. So if you decided that it is time for you to hear your baby`s first words, don`t hesitate to contact our manager and all the information you are interested in!

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