Parens Fertility

To hear the laughter of a child in your home. We promote family values and sincere mutual support of the parenthood in society. We do highly estimate the significance of assisted reproductive technologies and offer our patients support in IVF treatment procedures, the broad base of European, Asian, African egg donor and Surrogacy programs. We are willing to help you to feel the joy of parenthood and become the strongest support on your path towards your dream.

  • Our priority is to provide you with the highest service standards, experienced IVF specialists and embryologists
  • Our patients are sure in the transparency and the reliability of the whole process as we make sure you have 24/7 support
  • We offer different IVF options and surrogacy programs with donors
  • Our major aim is to achieve the productive cooperation, therefore, we thoroughly choose egg donors and surrogates

Parens Fertility does all that is needed for you to become parents as soon as possible!

Let Parens Fertility help you to contemplate the beauty of our world together with your little miracle!

Parens Medical Group

Parens Ukraine is a fertility clinic located in Lviv, Ukraine which is a part of Parens Medical group and is in 6 top IVF clinics both in Poland and Ukraine.

Our philosophy is based on individual approach, understanding and a strong desire to help. We want to maintain a high standard of care and provide the best service possible!

Welcome to Parens Reproduction Center