Egg Donation & surrogacy

Considering that surrogacy is legal in Ukraine, Parens Fertility can provide surrogacy services in compliance with all legal aspects. In order to proceed with us you need to be officially married and provide the conclusion from a doctor which states you have contradictions to pregnancy.

The Surrogacy Program with Donor’s Oocytes Couples is the perfect choice for couples in which wife is incapable of conceiving, carrying the baby and producing healthy eggs. Therefore, such couples will need someone’s aid on their path to becoming parents. In Parens Fertility you will receive advice and answer to all your questions from highly experienced specialists. Both egg donors and surrogate mothers are thoroughly screened for a list of diseases including genetic ones. You will be able to view full medical and personal profile of our donors and surrogates, get advice from specialists and choose the perfect match for you. Starting from the 4th month of pregnancy we rent an apartment for surrogate mothers and arrange everything for their comfortable stay. Parens Fertility will take all the responsibility regarding any issue starting from your first inquiry until the moment you will hold your
baby in your hands.

In order to find out more details, please, contact us and your personal Coordinator will answer all of your questions.