IVF with sperm donor

IVF with sperm donation program involves standard In-Virto Fertilization treatment, the only difference is that you use donor’s sperm instead of your partner’s.

The sperm donor is often an option for:

  • Single women
  • Couples with male factor infertility
  • Couples where male partner has genetic diseases that he doesn’t want to pass to his children

Parens Fertility can offer you the broad choice of sperm donors with all required medical examinations done. All of our sperm donors have at least one healthy child and would like to share the joy of parenthood with other couples. In order to exclude any chance of transmitting diseases our donors have undergone the full medical evaluation as required by Ukrainian legislation – general examination, blood tests, semen analysis, psychological examination, tests for genetic diseases.

By receiving sperm donor profiles you will be able to view donor’s full medical history as well as personal qualities. In addition, there will be included donor’s childhood photographs. Therefore, together with the aid of IVF specialists you’ll have more than enough information to make the right choice.

According to Ukrainian legislation, all frozen samples from sperm donors are stored for 6 months in quarantine order to avoid infectious diseases.

The IVF procedure in this program involves all required stages – the preparation of stimulation protocol, the preparation of the female patient for the stimulation, injection of hormones, egg retrieval, semen sample thawing, egg fertilization, embryo culture, and embryo transfer. In fourteen days after the embryo transfer the pregnancy test is done in order to confirm pregnancy.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about this or any other type of treatment, please, fill out the form and we will contact you in the shortest terms. Your personal coordinators will be eager to provide you with all necessary information via email or Skype.