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The usage of the egg donors during the IVF cycles is a relatively new way to overcome infertility. The first baby born as a result of donor eggs was first recorded in 1984. Egg donation has become a solution for many couples who have been struggling with infertility for a lot of time with no success. There is now an uncountable number of international IVF clinics, which may offer the egg donation programs. There are also separate egg donor banks and egg donor agencies who can ship donor’s material to any clinic in the world. This is done when patient has selected a clinic, which doesn’t have its own donation department.

What is egg donation

Egg donation treatment programs involve using oocytes from a woman who decides to donate them instead of recipient’s ones. In order to collect these eggs from a woman, doctor induces superovulation by use of the hormone injections and then retrieves all of them when they reach the required stage of their maturation. Egg donation can be both anonymous and non-anonymous. The anonymity will depend on the country as the reproductive law varies from country to country. In Ukraine, egg donation is totally anonymous, which doesn’t let patients who are looking for egg donor to meet her or get her contact details.

Who needs eggs from donors?

Any woman has her own ovarian reserve, which tends to decrease together with the age. Ovarian reserve means the possibility to produce eggs and it declines with every year. There are special fertility tests which can help to evaluate it; these are hormone tests and antral follicle count. It is considered that the most reproductive age for woman is between her 20s and 30s. After 30 years, the possibility to produce good quality eggs decreases and by 45 it gets almost impossible to conceive naturally.

At the point when it becomes difficult to get pregnant even by using IVF with own eggs, the donor’s oocytes become an efficient solution. Another common reason why people turn to using the eggs from another person is not age-related, and is called premature ovarian failure. As a rule, this condition is something women face at their 40s but sometimes the nature can be rather unpredictable.

One more common reason to use eggs from the egg donor is the diminished reserve of ovaries. This term refers to the state when eggs, that woman produces are of a low quality and therefore, it makes difficult to get the satisfactory result of the fertilization and further, embryo culture.

There are also couples who decide to use oocytes from the donor due to unsuccessful attempts with their own biological material in their medical history. In such cases, doctors recommend considering donor oocytes in order to considerably increase chances for success.
The usage of oocyte donor is the best way to avoid passing hereditary diseases to future children in case intended mother has such.

How to find an egg donor?

It might be sometimes confusing to select a place where to find donor eggs. There is a big number of countries where egg donation is illegal and it is not possible to perform this type of procedure. That is why people use medical tourism and go to other countries to get the medical help they need. One of the most popular destinations for IVF, surrogacy and egg donation in particular is Ukraine and there are lots of clinics and egg donor banks that offer such a treatment option. There are clinics, which have their own egg donor database and egg banks, take full responsibility of the full donor cycle, and may offer patients both fresh and frozen oocytes. On the other hand, there are egg banks, which may provide to their clients the option of vitrified eggs. As a rule, such egg banks have partners, these are clinics, which do not have their own donors but still want to offer donation programs. On the other hand, patients often independently find their perfect match in such places and just simply transport this material to their medical facility for IVF.

Our egg donor bank

In addition to the IVF programs with donor oocytes we offer at Parens Fertility, we may also provide our patients with an option of having vitrified oocytes, which they can transport to any other clinic in the world. By having eggs from our egg donor bank our patients are always confident in their results because they are aware of the quality standards we comply with.
Each of our egg donors is rigorously tested according to all the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation. They are tested for different diseases, hereditary and genetic ones, infections, get qualified by various medical specialists. Before offering any egg donor to our patients, she has to be approved by the IVF specialist on the basis of her full medical evaluation. In addition, there are some general requirements to any woman who would like to share the happiness of motherhood with others:

The ovarian stimulation of our donors is done by doctor with numerous years of experience in this sphere and is strictly controlled on each stage and the quality of the obtained material is proven high as the pregnancy rate is 68% (women of all ages). After egg retrieval embryologists the select only mature oocytes (MII) for vitrification. All other eggs (MI) and those degenerated are not subject to vitrification. This means that our patients get only viable oocytes, which also increases the percentage of the successful further warming.

We do also help to facilitate the transportation process after patient is ready with choosing an egg donor and can recommend reliable courier services, which specialize in transportation of the biological material.

In order to get more information and select your perfect egg donor, contact our coordinators who are always ready to help with any question.

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