IVF with own oocytes

In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a set of procedures intended to overcome reproductive disorders. During IVF, the oocytes retrieved from a donor or a patient are fertilized by the sperm of a partner or donor in the laboratory outside the human body. The embryo is transferred to the uterus through a catheter after it reaches the proper stage of its development, which takes 5-6 days (at the blastocyst stage). At a consultation with experienced IVF specialists in "Parens Fertility" in Lviv, you can get recommendations regarding this program and its stages.

In vitro fertilization may be performed either with the patient`s own oocytes or donor eggs. The appropriate IVF variant choice is guided by the doctor`s recommendations and medical indications for each case. If your doctor determines that you need to use donor oocytes to conceive a child, our clinic also offers egg donation programs in our egg and sperm bank. What is more, you can even adopt a vitrified embryo through our embryo donation programs or give a chance to other patients to use the embryos you don`t need anymore.

If the examination and test results are not clear or you want to increase your chances to become a happy mom and dad of a healthy baby, our agency offers another solution for our clients – Tandem IVF – a procedure involving fertilization of both patient and donor eggs.

When to consider the IVF with own oocytes?

If you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or age-related infertility - IVF with your own eggs can help you make a dream of having the baby come true.

IVF with own eggs might be a good option for you if you have faced the following health issues:


In Vitro Fertilization process


IVF with your own oocytes begins with an overall assessment of your fertility and general health and medical checkups to make sure you are fully prepared for the treatment. Both women and men planning to become parents should undergo various tests and examinations. The first stage of IVF treatment itself is ovarian stimulation, which includes daily hormone injections. The doctor prescribes the appropriate type of medication and dosage and monitors the stimulation process every 3-4 days. You should visit regular checkups and ultrasound examinations while you take your medication. Your doctor determines how many days your treatment period should last based on your test and examination results, and it is usually approximately 12 days. If you have no opportunity to spend so much time in Ukraine, we can organize the ovarian stimulation process distantly with online consultations and constant communication. Therefore, you will need to undergo several ultrasound examinations in your country and send their results to us for evaluation.

The next step is egg retrieval. This procedure is carried out under sedative medication and takes up to twenty minutes – guided by ultrasound, the doctor uses the needle to aspirate every mature follicle. After that, you should rest for one or two hours and can leave the clinic. The IVF specialist will continue preparing you for an embryo transfer if this is done in the same cycle.

On the day of oocyte retrieval, your partner must provide a semen sample for fertilization using ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) or PICSI (physiological intracytoplasmic sperm injection) procedures. In the first case, the sperm is introduced directly into an egg, one for each egg. In the second case, sperm is placed in a container with hyaluronic hydrogel, which combines with biochemically active sperm. In this way, the embryologist can select sperm not only visually but also check the quality. In 17 hours, we will see if the egg is fertilized.

On average, doctors fertilize multiple eggs, then vitrify embryos for further use because it`s hard to predict how many attempts will be necessary to achieve the desired motherhood.

In "Parens Fertility," we understand how strong our patients desire to become parents of a healthy and happy child, and we conscious of what an important role we play in turning this desire into reality. For this reason, we offer high-quality reproductive programs both for patients from Ukraine and from abroad. The Ukrainian legislation allows the citizens of other countries to use fertility services in Ukraine if they meet the requirements stipulated in relevant regulation acts.

Many patients who at first don`t know much about fertility companies and search for "infertility treatment near me" find out that such services in Ukraine are on average cheaper than in other European countries, many couples from the EU choose to go abroad and use services offered by Ukrainian fertility companies. Our center has already helped patients from many other countries become parents, including Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France. Our patients decide to come to Lviv not only because the prices for services here are cheaper but also because we can guarantee the highest possible quality and success rate guarantees for medical solutions.

The "Parens Fertility" center offers the comprehensive arrangement of your treatment in Ukraine, including, free first consultation with our coordinator, doctor’s examination, laboratory tests, diagnostics, etc. Our agency also surrogacy programs with the settlement of related medical and legal issues at reasonable prices.

Cost IVF with own oocytes

IVF with own oocytes


Creation of the treatment plan

Assistance with the preparation to the program

Constant support during the treatment

Individual ovarian stimulation protocol

Ultrasound control during the stimulation

Egg retrieval under general anesthesia

Preparation of uterine lining

Preparation of semen before fertilization

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (up to 15 oocytes)

Embryo culture

Reports on embryo development with photographs

Embryo transfer procedure

Assistance with travel arrangements

2 car transfers (from an airport to a hotel and from the hotel to the airport)


3 100 EUR



⭐Why should I use your agency instead of using a clinic directly?

If you contact clinic in another country directly you may experience difficulties with organizing your treatment being far away and with understanding the medical staff upon your arrival. Agency organizes your treatment program and makes sure it goes in accordance with the plan and in such a way you are always having support no matter where you are located and what language you speak.

⚡Is PGD test allowed?

PGD test is allowed in Ukraine. This is a reliable way to check if the embryos you are going to transfer are healthy and there are no genetic abnormalities.

⌛How to take money to Ukraine, Cash, Credit cards and Traveler's checks?

You may bring either cash or credit card. In most of the places it is possible to pay by using your credit card and you won’t need a lot of cash.

👉 A few tips from the families that already visited Ukraine

The most important recommendation from patients who have already visited Lviv is to make sure you give yourself a few days to enjoy the city, go sightseeing and try local food. They do also recommend staying in the hotel close to the clinic to be always in time for all the appointments.

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