Tandem IVF

Tandem IVF is a program that involves the fertilization of both donor`s and patient`s eggs by sperm. Usually, couples who would like to save their time and boost their chances for pregnancy select this option and participate in two processes at once. Another advantage of this program is the price; since the patients use both donor and their own eggs, we offer a better price than if they carried out two separate programs.

For many couples, Tandem IVF is the only possible way to experience the joy of being called "mom" and "dad." It is a perfect treatment solution for those who have experienced several unsuccessful IVF cycles and those who want to guarantee that they will get pregnant soon, without any delays and that their baby will be healthy and minimize all the risks.

Who may consider starting tandem IVF?

After several unsuccessful IVF cycles with their eggs, patients start exploring other ways how to reach their lifelong dream of parenting a child and often discover our Tandem option. With this service package, they can use their own eggs for fertilization and donor oocytes as a plan B.

You may consider this program in the following cases:

Your IVF specialist may recommend a Tandem IVF cycle to increase the success rates of getting more embryos of a good grading. If you select this infertility treatment, the embryologist will fertilize two sets of eggs, and you will decide whether to transfer embryos from your eggs or donor ones.

What is the procedure?

In our fertility center, every patient is assigned a coordinator who will assist you at every stage of your fertility treatment or procedure and ensure that you get all the necessary information and settle other minor issues. The patient starts with fertility testing, which should be carried out before any in-vitro program. A doctor should assess all results and develop an individual scheme for ovarian stimulation for you and your donor. The duration of ovarian stimulation varies from case to case. Usually, it lasts for 12-14 days and involved daily injections of medicines to induce ovulation.

The next step after ovarian stimulation is followed by egg retrieval, which takes up to 20 minutes. Although it is a simple procedure, it is still carried out under general anesthesia. After egg retrieval, the patient should rest in the clinic for up to one hour and is free to do.

On the day of retrieval, all the oocytes will be fertilized by ICSI or PICSI method (it depends on the doctor`s recommendation) using man`s sperm collected on the same day. However, if you want to postpone the procedure, our clinic also offers egg freezing with the vitrification method.

 In 5 days, you`ll find out how many embryos developed into blastocysts. That is when you have to decide which embryo or embryos to select for a transfer. Before making this decision, doctors and embryologists will provide you with all the necessary information – they will analyze each embryo`s quality and recommend the best for transfer to guarantee that you will become happy parents of a healthy baby.

As a result of the Tandem IVF cycle, you will get multiple embryos. In our agency, you won`t have to worry about them because we also offer an embryo donation program – you can give the embryos you don`t need anymore for adoption to be used by other couples who desire to become mom and dad to a child. Another solution, in this case, is frozen embryo transfer (FET). You can freeze your embryos and use them later.

Do we use fresh or vitrified eggs donor’s eggs?


Usually, any patient is free to select between fresh and vitrified oocytes. There aren`t a lot of differences between using fresh or frozen eggs. The only change is the number of eggs you`ll get. On average, you get a fixed number of eggs, and if you have fresh eggs, you have a 100% guarantee to get this exact number. If we need to warm them, one or two may not survive the warming, so it is hard to predict how many oocytes you will get in the very end. We always discuss this question with our patients while creating their treatment plan and assign a coordinator to guide all the procedures and solve all the arising issues.

Tandem IVF in “Parens Fertility” in Lviv

In our clinic, you won`t have to worry about where to find a donor or how to select a perfect one. In "Parens Fertility," our experts provide you with expert advice and support on every stage of this procedure.

Tandem IVF in our fertility center in Lviv is also a great option for patients from other countries where egg donation and surrogacy are forbidden or restricted, such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, etc. For citizens of some countries, searching for such infertility treatment options near them is nothing of a solution because fertility companies in their locality simply do not provide such services. Thus, they have to go abroad to get a chance to experience such a desired happiness of motherhood.  

While searching for the best options with the best price and quality ratio, patients often discover fertility services and agencies in Ukraine, which are on average cheap and still conform with the highest European standards. But the cheap price is not the only criterion. In Ukraine, all the users of egg donation or surrogacy services are protected by legislation, so our patients from abroad have nothing to worry about. Many patients from other countries (e.g., Poland, Germany, and Italy) have already experienced motherhood thanks to Tandem IVF programs in our fertility company.

Cost of Embryo adoptin

Tandem IVF cycle (own + donor oocytes)  


Free personalized egg selection

Creation of the treatment plan

Assistance with the preparation to the program

Constant support during the treatment

Full medical and psychological screening of an oocytes donor

Egg donor’s travel expenses

Compensation to the donor

Individual ovarian stimulation protocol

Ultrasound control during the stimulation

Egg retrieval under general anesthesia

Ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval for egg donor

Vitrification of 8 donor’s oocytes

Thawing of 8 donor’s oocytes

Preparation of uterine lining

Preparation of semen before fertilization

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (for up to 15 oocytes)

Embryo culture

Reports on embryo development with photographs

Embryo transfer procedure

Assistance with travel arrangements

2 car transfers (from an airport to a hotel and from the hotel to the airport)


8 100 EUR


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