Laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures


Together with us you can be sure you will be perfectly prepared to any of your infertility treatments as we can take care of each medical test which has to be done prior to In-vitro. We can offer the whole range of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures the results of which you receive within several days. In addition, our laboratory performs computer-aided sperm analysis that provides qualitative, quantitative and morphological data on sperm (SCA). We do also detect sperm DNA damage by using DNA fragmentation testing.

Our team of doctors includes gynecologist-obstetricians, urologist-andrologists, endocrinologists, general practitioners, ultrasound specialists and embryologists who will take care of your preparation before the treatment and evaluation in its course.

The whole evaluation process for both male and female partners before the IVF cycle will take no longer that 2 days, so there will be no need for you to stay a lot of time in Ukraine.

Parens Fertility works according to both Ukrainian and international protocols and regulations for you to feel safe and comfortable on your way to parenthood!