Fertility (Infertility) tests

It is crucial to understand that the repetitive failures in conception may deal with the health problems of one or both partners. That is why the complex screening of man and woman (fertility check up) is required not only to find what stops them from becoming happy parents but also to propose the best solution.

In order to start any infertility treatment program with Parens Fertility, patients have to do a list of various tests. Both male and female partners have to visit laboratory and several specialists. The results of such evaluation will help doctors to find the problem and create the treatment scheme.

Depending on the type of the IVF you are preparing to this list will change. At the very beginning, your doctor will need to see your pelvic ultrasound and the basic semen analysis reports. On this stage it may be possible to recommend the specific program for you.

Fertility tests for women

A woman checks her hormones, such as AMH, LH, E2, Progesterone, FSH, Prolactin. It is also important that her thyroid function tests are normal, because it may interfere with the successful implantation and carrying the baby. Some of them should be done on the specific days of the menstrual cycle. The good smears results are also important as it will evidence the absence of inflammation processes or infections. Before egg collection or/and embryo transfer woman needs to do tests for Hepatitis B and C, HIV and RW (Wassermann test). In addition, it will be required to do several ultrasound diagnostics, such as abdominal one, or the examination of mammary glands and thyroid. There might be other infertility diagnostic procedures that personally you will be recommended to do by your doctor. These may include hysteroscopy, some additional blood work, HSG, etc.

Fertility tests for men

There a lot of cases when couples struggle getting pregnant due to the male factor. To be sure in the quality of sperm and have all information to assess possible results of the treatment, men always do the semen analysis, the DNA fragmentation, the HBA and MAR tests.

Having all the results doctor can be sure both partners are prepared to the IVF program. If doctor reveals a medical issue that stops couple from starting their treatment, he/she first resolves it by prescribing medication or some special therapy and only after that goes back to the stimulation itself.

All couples over 35 years are often recommended to do karyoptyping. This genetic testing will show the number of chromosomes as well as their size and structure. It is also frequently required as its result might become a reason for recurrent miscarriages.

Where may you do these tests?

Our patients are always free to decide where to prepare for their program. We do understand travelling may be stressful, so you can:

If you decide to do them with us, you can be sure to be perfectly prepared to any of your infertility treatments. We cooperate with the IVF clinic Parens-Ukraine, located in Lviv, that can take care of each medical test which has to be done prior to In-vitro. They offer the whole range of laboratory tests for both men and women. The evaluation before the IVF cycle will take no longer that 2 days, so there will be no need for you to stay a lot of time abroad. Their qualified and experienced specialists find the best treatment option for any patient. 

Parens Fertility works according to both Ukrainian and international protocols and regulations for you to feel safe and comfortable on your way to parenthood!

Parens Fertility works according to both Ukrainian and international protocols and regulations for you to feel safe and comfortable on your way to parenthood!


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