Multiple Egg Donation

At Parens Fertility you have an exclusive opportunity to take part in the Multiple Egg Donation program which guarantees to achieve of desired pregnancy!

The Multiple Egg Donation program starts with evaluating your couple – studying results of your medical examinations by IVF specialists. Once you are confirmed for this program you can select the donor and start preparing for the treatment. In general, this program does not differ from the Egg Donation Program, the only exception is that you can make as many attempts as necessary until you reach your goal and become pregnant. All embryos obtained as a result of your fresh IVF cycle will be cryopreserved and stored at our clinic. This program includes the storage of surplus embryos for 6 months. If the first attempt turns out to be unsuccessful, you will be using your surplus embryos in the following cycles. If you use out all of your embryos, we will make another fresh cycle. Hopefully, you’ll become pregnant at the first attempt, but if you don’t, this program presupposes unlimited attempts until hearing the heartbeat of your child on the 6th week of pregnancy.

In order to select this program, you will need to be qualified and meet certain criteria.

Female patient needs to provide the following confirmations:

  • Female age up to 50 years
  • A conclusion from your General Practitioner (Physician) or gynecologist which states you have no contradictions for pregnancy and no somatic pathologies which could prevent an embryo from implantation
  • LH, E2 and prolactin tests should be normal (these tests are performed on the 2nd-3rd day of your menstrual cycle)
  • P4, total testosterone test results should be normal (made on the 18th-24th day of your menstrual cycle)
  • Thyroid function test, TSH, T3, AT-TPO, anti-hTg should be normal (can be performed at any day of your menstrual cycle)
  • Ultrasound examination results confirming you have no uterine or endometrial pathologies including hydrosalpinx
  • The absence of immunological changes
  • You need to provide your previous infertility history – information about IVF cycles and pregnancies
  • To provide any additional results of examinations on the request of IVF specialist in case of need

Male patient needs to meet the following requirements:

  • More than 5% of spermatozoids with normal morphology
  • More than 10% of spermatozoids with normal motility, category A
  • Normal range of DNA fragmentation of sperm
  • Male karyotype result – 46, XY
  • Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and Syphilis tests – negative

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about this or any other type of treatment, please, fill out the form and we will contact you in the shortest terms. Your personal coordinators will be eager to provide you with all necessary information via email or Skype.