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Parens Fertility is a team of professionals united by a strong desire to help other people with their dream of becoming parents. Each member of our team shares the same belief that empathy, support and care on every step to parenthood is crucial during any type of the infertility treatment.


We believe that care, professionalism, and sincere devotion to what we are doing have made a perfect combination and translated into the well-coordinated and result-oriented work.
Our biggest motivation for putting effort every day is the happiness of our patients who have had a long way and reached their lifelong dream.
The gratefulness and joy in their eyes is the best achievement for our team.
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Parens Fertility is a part of the European Medical Group PARENS, which was founded back in 2005 in Krakow, Poland. Its creation has laid the foundation for one of the strongest networks in the infertility treatment sphere and opened up the development of Parens clinics all over Poland.

Seven years later it was decided to share the experience with one of the biggest cities in Ukraine, in its cultural capital, Lviv. By opening up a facility in Ukraine, we have made it possible for couples from any corner of the world to receive highly specialized help in the IVF and surrogacy spheres. We can always be sure in the quality of the medical services provided to our patients as any procedure or manipulation is strictly controlled by the head doctor of the Parens Medical Group. The ethical board which consists of the highly experienced doctors, embryologists and fertility specialists ensures that the work is perfectly done on every level and that every procedure is performed according to the European protocols and standards.

The medical staff at Parens Fertility involves specialists who have years of experience and many successful cases behind during their medical practice.
They are members of such international organizations as ESHRE, UARM and ASRM who improve their professional skills by attending training courses, lectures, symposiums, conferences, etc. They are constantly learning new methods and techniques to achieve even better results and make you a bit closer to your parenthood.
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People who address us may get use of such infertility treatments as egg donation, sperm donation, in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, surrogacy, etc. Our patients are not only couples who would like to start their family, we do also take care of women, who are aware of the capabilities of their body and have decided to preserve their fertility by freezing their biological material and safely storing it until the right moment in the future.


By having our own egg bank, we can control the quality of the oocytes our patients take for their IVF programs and guarantee each of them mature material.

Our packages cover everything you may need from your first message until your pregnancy confirmation because services we offer include not only the medical, but also the organizational and legal services. Thanks to the cooperation with the law firm specialized in family law our patients who are going through their treatment may be confident in the appropriate legal support, which is more than crucial during surrogacy programs, in particular.

Our team is at your disposal, contact us and we will hold your hand and will help you to win the struggle you are going through!




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