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Question from Christopher:

I come from Austria. My husband and I married a year ago when our government legalized same-sex marriages. Recently, after long contemplations, we took a very serious decision to give birth to a child to finally make ALL our dreams about family come true. Now we are thinking of coming to Ukraine for surrogacy. Is it possible for us – a one-sex couple – to use surrogacy here? What documents do we need?

What our experts say:

Cristopher, we understand how important this step is for you. However, unfortunately, according to the Ukrainian legislation, you can’t use surrogacy services here because same-sex marriages are still illegal in Ukraine. The laws clearly stipulate that only heterosexual officially married couples can apply for surrogacy and only if they meet a number of requirements, which are also prescribed in the regulations.

You can read more about legislation and legal support here.

Question from Gabrielle:

Ukraine was one of the countries our doctor recommended us for surrogacy. But when surfing on the Internet, I came across numerous articles about surrogacy-related scandals.

For example, one Italian couple did a DNA test, and it turned out that their child, born from a Ukrainian surrogate, had no genetic connection to either of parents. Or that many children just stuck in Ukraine and parents couldn’t take them home because of COVID-19 restrictions.

What guarantees do you give that I will be able to take my baby home with me and that it will be MINE?

What our experts say:

Dear Gabrielle, thank you for this question. It is disturbing indeed, but the thing is that both scandals you have mentioned are connected with only one fertility clinic in Kyiv, which has seriously violated not only the Ukrainian legislation but also the moral code of any healthcare institution. This case is extraordinary and shocking.

Parens Fertility works according to the highest quality and ethical standards. Any procedure in our clinic is subject to documentation, registration, and strict monitoring by several doctors to avoid any theoretically possible issues. Also, you are fully protected by the legal agreements covering all aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine – from DNA connection to the impossibility for the surrogate mother to claim parenthood rights.

Restrictions related to the current COVID-19 pandemic won’t impede you from taking your newborn baby home because you are its parents (what is confirmed with the parenthood certificate) and have all respective rights. The situation at the beginning of the pandemic was outrageous, and the government’s reaction was rapid. We assure you, now when the crisis is eliminated in almost all world countries, you only need PCR-test or vaccination certificate to come to Ukraine. And even if something critical happens, our team is here to solve any problem that may arise ASAP.

You can find more details about the legal aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine in our article on this topic.

Question from Janet:

Ukraine seems to be an attractive country for IVF, but it isn’t the European country where you can be sure of what you get because everything’s regulated. How can I be sure about the quality of your services or your doctors?

What our experts say:

Janet, thank you for your question. The issue of quality seems to be a troubling one, but Parens Fertility is an international fertility clinic working in Poland and Ukraine. Since Poland is the EU member-state, the activity of our agency is closely monitored by authorities, and it fully complies with Polish and European legislation and quality assurance/control requirements. Both departments – Polish and Ukrainian – follow the same internal operation rules, that is why you have no reasons to worry about the quality of our services. We are very serious about it.

What is more, all our employees are carefully selected for employment. They regularly advance their qualification by visiting various courses and trainings both in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, France, the USA). You can look through the information about our doctors, embryologists, and other staff to make sure you will be taken care of well. We believe that it is an integral constituent of our successful work with patients.

Question from Monika:

I have been struggling with infertility for many years, and my doctor’s final conclusion is that the only way for my husband and me to become parents is through surrogacy. But we live in Britain; there is no way we can spend 9 or more months in Ukraine with our surrogate. So, how can we be sure that she’s leading a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t harm our child?

What our experts say:

Dear Monika, thank you for this question. We do understand that handing such a responsible duty to someone else is a challenge. It’s natural for parents to care about their children, and they care even more if they can’t provide the child with what it needs at the moment. It is exactly the situation with surrogacy.

Our team doesn’t expect the intended parents to stay in Ukraine for the whole process. You can live your life and have no worries about the surrogate mother carrying your child. Why? Because here are our managers and doctors to closely monitor everything that is going on with your surrogate and your future baby.

We stipulate the requirements for the surrogate in the contract, which you and your surrogate mother sign. We clearly explain, what she can and can’t do while being pregnant, our doctors examine them regularly, and our coordinators contact them to make sure that everything’s fine and they have all they need.

Furthermore, your coordinator and your surrogate are approachable, and you are encouraged to stay in contact with them. Some couples decide to come and visit their surrogates from time to time; in this case, we can help you with the organization of your trip – tickets, accommodation, etc.

You can read more about the surrogacy coordinator in Parens Fertility here.

Question from Bianka:

We have been considering Ukraine for surrogacy, but there are so many publications about the poor conditions of Ukrainian surrogates all over the Internet. That they are desperate women who have no money, no sustenance. How can they be trusted? How do you select candidates for being a surrogate mother?

What our experts say:

Dear Bianka, you have touched upon a highly important issue. It is believed that Ukraine is a third-world country and surrogate mothers are exploited here for peanuts. This is a misconception. Surrogacy is the sphere where the intimate realm and commerce intertwine, so, no wonder that prejudice is common. Though it would be better to say, it used to be common, because more and more laws are adopted (or amended) to regulate fertility services more carefully.

The requirements for surrogates are nothing of an exception. The law clearly stipulates their health condition and other standards they should meet. What is more, Parens Fertility sets its own requirements for candidates. We do all our best to ensure that our surrogates have good backgrounds, are in a financially stable life situation, and their mental health does not rise any disturbances.

Our team treats the selection process very seriously, and candidates have to undergo numerous physical and mental health examinations, as well as interviews. We are not interested in cooperating with gold-diggers; we carefully look for women who want to help other women feel the joy of holding their newborn child in their arms.

Question from Brandy:

Why are the prices for surrogacy in Ukraine lower than in other countries? What do you save on?

What our experts say:

Brandy, thank you for your question. Actually, we don’t save on anything. If you have a feeling that lower costs can hide pitfalls, you are partially right; some ethically challenged agencies do lure clients with unreasonably low prices. Those you are to keep away from because may be just frauds or exclude some costs which will be charged additionally. Ukraine is a cheaper country to live in than, for instance, France, Germany, or Italy. The expenses on healthcare are lower here, as well as prices on property and other essential things.

Our prices are carefully calculated for each individual case. We take into account every aspect – payment to the surrogate, work of doctors and coordinators, legal support, and even if necessary other services related to your visits (if you are willing to delegate the organization of your trips to us). There are no hidden or additional costs, we are completely transparent with our patients.

Another misbelief is that we could be cutting on the quality of the services we provide, but it’s not true. Parens Fertility complies with the highest Ukrainian and European requirements concerning quality and ethics in healthcare.

So, the only reason why the average prices are lower in Ukraine is that living here is generally cheaper than in other countries.

Ihor Velykyi

"Are there any restrictions to surrogacy process in Ukraine? “

2021-07-29 16:05:54


"There are several restrictions connected with the surrogacy process in Ukraine. It is crucial for the couple, which wants to start, to be officially married and to have medical indications to this type of program. In addition, embryo(-s) to be transferred“

2021-07-29 16:05:54

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