Our team

Our team consists of experts whose true devotion is to make a path to your parenthood safe, comfortable and easy. We take care of every aspect of your journey and provide you with the professional help from highly specialized fertility doctors, embryologists and medical coordinators.


” I have been emmersed into the IVF sphere for years and I am blessed to be part of Parens team working every day to turn the deepest and most sincere desires of our patients into reality. I call us family which does its best each second for you to finally become mom and dad .”
Anna Bashlii, Head of the International Department
Iryna Shlapak, International Patient Care Coordinator

Dariia Antipova, International Patient Care Coordinator

“Helping people all over the world who are seeking affordable options for IVF abroad, I admitted that every single person I`ve met, have so much of experience, heartbreaking stories behind, but I still see their eyes are sparkling with lots of excitement, beliefs and incredible desire to become parents completing their families with laughter, happiness and love.

Yuliya Zuienko, Surrogate and Donor Care Coordinator

“I am working with surrogates and egg donors and there is no better feeling for me than to know these women receive enough support and care on both physical and psychological levels. We believe they are angels who give an incredible gift to other people”
Yuliya Zuienko, Surrogate and Donor Care Coordinator

Doctors and embryologists

Parens Fertility has gathered qualified specialists with an uncountable number of successful pregnancies and births who work every day to make your dream become reality. They take every opportunity to develop their skills in order to offer you more efficient ways to find the solution even in the most complicated cases.


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