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you’ll have your own coordinator, a person who is always with you before, during and after your program
our team helps with visa applications (if such required), recommends you the best ways of getting to Ukraine, assists with hotel booking and is always in touch with you when you’re in Ukraine
the driver meets you at the airport and takes you to your hotel
we are in a partnership with a law firm that assists us and our patients with documents and any legal aspect of IVF or surrogacy journeys. That is especially important in surrogacy programs where recommendation from lawyer is essential
our patients do not have language barrier as we’re with them translating all the information from the medical staff. We speak English, Polish and French
we are happy to assist you with cross-border requirements and provide you with all necessary documents for make the process smooth and easy.

We have always wanted to create a place where anyone who faces problems with conception can get the perfect care, support, total confidence and to be treated in the best possible way during their infertility treatment. That is why and wherefore we have created the fertility agency that stays true to all these values and is ruled by the successful women who give all the best of their experience and professionalism.

Parens Fertility is an IVF agency that since its establishment has perfect reputation, strong ethical values and constant motivation of all the team to make the difficult – simple. Family planning is such sensitive issue we love to work with and make your most cherished dreams come true at Parens Fertility.

These are the mutual values of Parens team:

  • Transparency in each our step
  • Confidence in the quality of infertility treatment
  • Empathy for every person who addresses us
  • Love to everything we do and a sincere belief in your success


Security and fairness are our priority, which is why we use state of the art technology to protect your data. We lovingly create a space where players can experience adrenaline-fuelled moments and the chance to win. Parental fertility is important to us, so we also offer advice on time management and for a great family life and great fun.

People, who have started their life-changing journey at Parens Fertility agency are all over the world

People, who have started their life-changing journey at Parens Fertility


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Best wishes!

Hi! I am writing to say thanks for all the doctors, embryologists and everyone who remembers my visit to you! A year ago I came to you for my IVF procedure and my pregnancy was very easy. My two sons were born 4 months ago on the 39th week. They are always sleeping or smiling, I haven't ever seen so happy children :) Maybe it's because I have waited for ages for them. I have decided to be a single mom and that was my best decision ever :)

Best wishes, M.

Best regards!

Hi everyone! I have been fighting infertility for several ages and nobody could help me, they saw no reason for that. Your doctor during my first reason has found it and created the plan for me, told me what are my next steps. When I came to Lviv, first I met my coordinator who fluently speaks Polish as well as all the medical staff. I didn't feel I was talking to foreigners. My coordinator has perfectly organized everything. I didn't feel any inconveniences or problems connected with my visit as I had no language barrier. Thanks to the professionals and their knowledge I got pregnant after my first IVF attempt. I recommend everyone Parens because they can offer the latest treatment and diagnostic methods that cause no trouble at all. The additional advantage is the warm, caring and I would say homely atmosphere created by the staff. They devote as much time to each patient as necessary.

Best regards, I.

Best regards from California

Hello, Thanks again for the IVF treatment, we are very happy about the result and hope for the best now . We've had a successful first IVF cycle with you and are 5 weeks pregnant now! The medical facility and the staff are very professional and are always available when needed. My IVF treatment was planned according to my individual needs and with the least damage to my body. I didn't have any or very minimal side effects during and after hormonal therapy. Our doctor is our Hero. Thank you so much! Best regards from California, USA

Best regards from California, USA T.

Many thanks for all your help!!!

Hi dear
We have good news!
I have done two home pregnancy tests and they are both positive!
We are delighted!

N - Belgium

Thank you so much!!!

Hi dear!
I am the happiest person on planet earth right now! Our surrogate mother got pregnant!!
I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you so much!!!
Let’s hope it will be a successful and smooth pregnancy.

Kind regards, J. - UK

I am planning to come back to you.

Hello All. We had a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago. We love him so much. I am planning to come back to you to try for a little brother or sister for our son. We are so so happy and thanks again for the great care you gave us.

C. - Ireland

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use your agency instead of using a clinic directly?

If you contact clinic in another country directly you may experience difficulties with organizing your treatment being far away and with understanding the medical staff upon your arrival. Agency organizes your treatment program and makes sure it goes in accordance with the plan and in such a way you are always having support no matter where you are located and what language you speak..

Is commercial surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Both commercial and altruistic surrogacy are legal in Ukraine. Intended parents and their surrogate should agree on the amount of compensation before the start of the program. This information is also included in the surrogacy contract signed prior to the stimulation.

What types of surrogacy are legal in Ukraine?

Surrogacy program is considered to be legal if the couple and their surrogate meet all the requirements of the current Ukrainian law. In addition, the embryo transferred to the surrogate's uterus must have a genetic link to at least one intended parent and mustn’t have any link to the surrogate.

Who are the women who choose to become surrogates?

Women, who become surrogates are mothers of at least one healthy baby and who decide to share the happiness of being a parent with another couple. They understand the responsibility put on them and are thoroughly tested before starting the program. These women would like to make someone's life brighter and to improve the financial situation of their family to give their children only the best.

How much contact do surrogates and intended parents share with each other?

The communication between surrogate and her IPs during the pregnancy greatly depends on the personal preferences and on their agreement before the program. At Parens, we are always doing our best to facilitate the communication between IPs and their surrogate by arranging video conferences with the coordinator who interprets all the conversation. As a rule, they get in touch each month. However, we will take into consideration personal wishes of both sides in each separate program.

How much does surrogacy cost?

The cost of surrogacy program with Parens Fertility starts from 34.150 EUR.

What is the first steps to begin our surrogacy journey?

The first thing any couple needs to do is to select agency which will help them and who will perfectly arrange their journey to parenthood. Our intended parents start their program with preparation of the set of documents required by the Ukrainian law. Then, they sign all the agreements and select a surrogate. Right after that, it is possible to start the medical part and prepare the surrogate for the embryo transfer.

What’s the difference between gestational and traditional surrogacy?

In gestational surrogacy woman carries baby who doesn't have any genetic link to her while in the traditional surrogacy, surrogate's mother's eggs are used, which makes her the biological mother of a baby she's pregnant with.

Is surrogacy possible for single men or women?

It depends on the country. In Ukraine, for example, it is illegal as only officially married heterosexual couples with medical indications can start the surrogacy program.

Do children born via surrogacy show any differences from “traditionally” conceived/birthed children?

Children born via IVF/surrogacy and naturally conceived ones do not show any differences. There are lots of myths which tell that such kids have weaker health, but they have already been debunked by numerous medical researches.

Do children born via surrogacy know about their surrogates?

This is only up to parents whether to tell their kid this information or not. For some IPs it isn't an option at all, while others are 100% sure they will let their child know he/she was born via surrogacy.

How do you get started with the surrogacy process?

In order to start the surrogacy program, couples select a reliable agency/clinic to work with and sign all the documents with them. Their following step is, as a rule, the creation of embryos which will be transferred into the surrogate's uterus. Once IPs have embryos, IVF specialists can start the preparation for the ET.

What is the relationship like between a surrogate and the intended parents?

As a rule, surrogates and intended parents have a wonderful relationship during the program. Some of them even become friends and continue the communication after the birth. All intended parents are forever grateful to their surrogates and surrogates, in their turn are doing everything to successfully carry the baby.

Are there any restrictions to surrogacy process in Ukraine?

There are several restrictions connected with the surrogacy process in Ukraine. It is crucial for the couple, which wants to start, to be officially married and to have medical indications to this type of program. In addition, embryo(-s) to be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus must have a genetic link to at least one of the IPs and shouldn't be connected with surrogate in any way.

What are the requirements for the surrogate?

Any woman who would like to become a surrogate, must have at least one healthy baby of her own. She needs to be a totally healthy person and be approved by the IVF specialists as a surrogate. All surrogates mustn't have any bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. They should also be 100% psychologically ready for this responsibility and to have support from their family and/or friends. There is no specific restriction as for the age, each clinic sets them on their own. Parens Fertility recruits women in the range of 20 to 35 years old.

What are the tests of a potential egg donor?

All tests which any egg donor does before the egg donation program are listed in the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the Application of the ART and they aim at checking the general state of the health, hormone levels, detecting genetic abnormalities, infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted ones, etc.

What are the requirements for an egg donor?

Egg donors in Ukraine must have at least one healthy biological baby. Each clinic sets its own age limits, at Parens, the maximum age of our egg donors is 30 years. They should also be approved by the medical staff, especially by the IVF specialist and all their medical testing needs to be in the normal ranges. Egg donors cannot have any bad habits or hereditary diseases.

Is PGD test allowed?

PGD test is allowed in Ukraine. This is a reliable way to check if the embryos you are going to transfer are healthy and there are no genetic abnormalities.

Who will be in the birth certificate of a baby?

Once a baby is born, lawyers help IPs to receive the Ukrainian birth certificate where they will be indicated as the parents.

What are the legal advantages of surrogacy process in Ukraine?

The most important advantage of doing the surrogacy program in Ukraine is that surrogacy is legal here and you can be sure in the transparency of this process by having the surrogacy agreement which regulates the relationship between you and your surrogate. You will always be able to get the professional advice from the Ukrainian lawyers regarding your surrogacy program in Ukraine. In addition, once baby is born, you are getting the Ukrainian birth certificate where you are indicated as the parents of your baby.

How often do we need to travel?

The number of visits during the program and their duration depends on the type of the program you will need. For example, if you have to create embryos, you need to come at once for the egg collection and sperm provision. This visit will take a few days and during this time you can sign all the documents and come the second time only after the birth of the baby. If you already have embryos, you may transport them to Ukraine and do not come in person. However, in this case, you need to prepare the POA which would authorize another person (your lawyer in Ukraine, for example) to sign the documents on your behalf.

Does a surrogate have any parental rights to my baby?

Intended parents, who decide to have the surrogacy program on the territory of Ukraine, should know that according to the Ukrainian legislation, they are considered as the only legal parents of the baby born as a result of a surrogacy program and surrogate doesn’t have any parental rights.

How and where to rent an apartment or a hotel in Lviv for the clinic appointment?

We are always happy to recommend a hotel/apartment where our patients can stay in accordance with their preferences and requirements. Our coordinators can help with any travel arrangements you may need during your program.

How to take money to Ukraine, Cash, Credit cards and Traveler's checks?

You may bring either cash or credit card. In most of the places it is possible to pay by using your credit card and you won’t need a lot of cash.

A few tips from the families that already visited Ukraine?

The most important recommendation from patients who have already visited Lviv is to make sure you give yourself a few days to enjoy the city, go sightseeing and try local food. They do also recommend staying in the hotel close to the clinic to be always in time for all the appointments.

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«Parens Fertility» in Ukraine

“Parens Fertility” Clinic in Lviv (Ukraine) is a part of the European Medical Group PARENS. Our clinic in Lviv was founded in 2012, and since that time, our team has been helping patients from all over the world to become parents and bring up a happy and healthy child.

Our center in Lviv provides a wide range of fertility services and treatment options, including IVF with your own oocytes and donor eggs, intrauterine insemination (IUI), surrogacy services, laboratory tests, and other services

Our clinic in Lviv is one of the most advanced and successful fertility establishments in Ukraine. Not only do we guarantee high success rates and compliance with the highest and strictest European standards, but we also ensure affordable and attractive prices.

Since Ukraine is open to health tourism and presents a wide range of services that are forbidden or too expensive in other countries, many patients opt to come here instead of searching for services “near me”. With the growth of transport services, going abroad is nothing of a problem anymore – all you need is a plane ticket and a few hours for the flight.

It is hard to count how many patients from other countries have used our services since our center in Lviv was established. Our team has already helped hundreds of couples from Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Italy, the UK, and the USA experience such a desired parenthood and hear their child calling them “mom and dad”.

Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine

In recent years, Ukraine has become one of the top destinations for surrogacy in the whole world. The reason is that this infertility solution is legal here, and it is substantially cheaper than in other countries.

The only type of surrogacy that is allowed in Ukraine is gestational surrogacy, i.e., the surrogacy programs in which the surrogate is not genetically related to the child she carries. At the same time, one of the parents must have a genetic link to the baby. In this aspect, the Ukrainian legislation establishes very strict requirements for a surrogate, intended parents, and fertility clinics.

In order to prevent any legal issues, we ensure that our surrogates undergo a comprehensive health examination and legal evaluation, in particular:

No less strict are the requirements for the parents-to-be. For example, they should be heterosexual, officially married couples and prove that surrogacy is the only possible way to have a child. To do so, they should undergo a number of medical examinations and tests to prove that a woman presents a health condition that prevents her from getting pregnant, carrying, or giving birth to a baby.

Surrogacy is one of the most popular services in our fertility agency. We provide various types of surrogacy programs, in particular:

If your reproductive cells present no abnormalities, but you have some other issues with your health that makes it impossible for you to give birth to your baby, you can use our surrogacy program with your own oocytes.

If one of the partners has any issues with their reproductive cells in addition to other indications for surrogacy, you can opt for our surrogacy program with donor oocytes. But note that in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, at least one of the intended parents should be genetically related to the child. With our clinic, you won’t have to worry about where to find a donor because we have our own cell bank and donor database.

One more option we offer is surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer (FET). This variant is perfect for those couples who already have embryos from their previous IVF attempts or surrogacy programs. Actually, you can even bring your own embryo to our clinic to start your surrogacy process with us.

We do understand that surrogacy is both a mentally and financially challenging procedure. That is why we do our best to ease this process for our clients and provide a comprehensive range of support services. Our experts take care of all the legal aspects and other minor issues you may face on this complicated road to guarantee your convenience, comfort, and best possible experience abroad.

With our agency you get:

What is more, caring about our clients, we have set patient-friendly prices to ensure that your experience with us will be as pleasurable as it is even possible.

How does «Parens Fertility» work?

We have always wanted to create a place where anyone who faces problems with conception can get the perfect care, support, total confidence and be treated in the best possible way during their infertility treatment. That is why and wherefore we have created the fertility agency that stays true to all these values and is ruled by successful women who give all the best of their experience and professionalism.

Parens Fertility is an IVF agency that, since its establishment, has a perfect reputation, strong ethical values, and constant motivation of all the team to make the difficult – simple. Family planning is such a sensitive issue we love to work with and make your most cherished dreams come true at Parens Fertility.

These are the mutual values of the Parens team:


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