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you’ll have your own coordinator, a person who is always with you before, during and after your program
our team helps with visa applications (if such required), recommends you the best ways of getting to Ukraine, assists with hotel booking and is always in touch with you when you’re in Ukraine
the driver meets you at the airport and takes you to your hotel
we are in a partnership with a law firm that assists us and our patients with documents and any legal aspect of IVF or surrogacy journeys. That is especially important in surrogacy programs where recommendation from lawyer is essential
our patients do not have language barrier as we’re with them translating all the information from the medical staff. We speak English, Polish and French
we are happy to assist you with cross-border requirements and provide you with all necessary documents for make the process smooth and easy.



Having our own database of egg donors, we are confident in women we offer to our patients. They are healthy, kind and intelligent Ukrainian women already approved by doctors who are ready to help you to reach your parenthood dream. Both fresh and vitrified cycles are available without the waiting list.

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Customized approach is an integral part of any our program. We have already thought of every detail, that’s why our packages include all medical, legal and organizational services. Our surrogates are young, healthy, responsible, empathic women who have firmly decided to be your angel on this way.

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Fertility specialists in our team are result-oriented and experienced professionals who apply modern treatment techniques to make you parents. Being members of ESHRE and ASRM, doctors and embryologists keep developing their skills to get the desired result in the shortest terms.

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We have always wanted to create a place where anyone who faces problems with conception can get the perfect care, support, total confidence and to be treated in the best possible way during their infertility treatment. That is why and wherefore we have created the fertility agency that stays true to all these values and is ruled by the successful women who give all the best of their experience and professionalism.

Parens Fertility is an IVF agency that since its establishment has perfect reputation, strong ethical values and constant motivation of all the team to make the difficult – simple. Family planning is such sensitive issue we love to work with and make your most cherished dreams come true at Parens Fertility.

These are the mutual values of Parens team:

  • Transparency in each our step
  • Confidence in the quality of infertility treatment
  • Empathy for every person who addresses us
  • Love to everything we do and a sincere belief in your success


People, who have started their life-changing journey at Parens Fertility agency are all over the world


Best wishes!

Hi! I am writing to say thanks for all the doctors, embryologists and everyone who remembers my visit to you! A year ago I came to you for my IVF procedure and my pregnancy was very easy. My two sons were born 4 months ago on the 39th week. They are always sleeping or smiling, I haven't ever seen so happy children :) Maybe it's because I have waited for ages for them. I have decided to be a single mom and that was my best decision ever :)

Best wishes, M.

Best regards!

Hi everyone! I have been fighting infertility for several ages and nobody could help me, they saw no reason for that. Your doctor during my first reason has found it and created the plan for me, told me what are my next steps. When I came to Lviv, first I met my coordinator who fluently speaks Polish as well as all the medical staff. I didn't feel I was talking to foreigners. My coordinator has perfectly organized everything. I didn't feel any inconveniences or problems connected with my visit as I had no language barrier. Thanks to the professionals and their knowledge I got pregnant after my first IVF attempt. I recommend everyone Parens because they can offer the latest treatment and diagnostic methods that cause no trouble at all. The additional advantage is the warm, caring and I would say homely atmosphere created by the staff. They devote as much time to each patient as necessary.

Best regards, I.

Best regards from California

Hello, Thanks again for the IVF treatment, we are very happy about the result and hope for the best now . We've had a successful first IVF cycle with you and are 5 weeks pregnant now! The medical facility and the staff are very professional and are always available when needed. My IVF treatment was planned according to my individual needs and with the least damage to my body. I didn't have any or very minimal side effects during and after hormonal therapy. Our doctor is our Hero. Thank you so much! Best regards from California, USA

Best regards from California, USA T.

Many thanks for all your help!!!

Hi dear
We have good news!
I have done two home pregnancy tests and they are both positive!
We are delighted!

N - Belgium

Thank you so much!!!

Hi dear!
I am the happiest person on planet earth right now! Our surrogate mother got pregnant!!
I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you so much!!!
Let’s hope it will be a successful and smooth pregnancy.

Kind regards, J. - UK

I am planning to come back to you.

Hello All. We had a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago. We love him so much. I am planning to come back to you to try for a little brother or sister for our son. We are so so happy and thanks again for the great care you gave us.

C. - Ireland

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