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 Our aim in "Parens Fertility" is to make your surrogate journey to Ukraine as easy as possible because we understand how important it is for intended parents to feel confident during this type of procedure. Each of our surrogacy programs includes a full range of administrative, medical, and legal services to facilitate this process for you.


Surrogacy using own eggs – for those who can still produce oocytes of good quality but cannot conceive or carry the baby;

Surrogacy with donor eggs or sperm – for couples with poor ovarian reserve or male infertility who cannot get pregnant due to the medical reason (in Ukraine, you can only use donor`s material from one side as a baby born as a result of surrogacy program has to have a genetic link to at least one of IPs);

Surrogacy with FET - for couples who have already created embryos for a transfer but have a medical indication to surrogacy and cannot proceed with a transfer without a surrogate

What is the procedure of surrogacy with your own eggs?


In the surrogacy program with your own eggs, the in vitro fertilization specialists simultaneously prepare both you and your surrogate. You will be monitored during your ovarian stimulation, while the surrogate will prepare the uterine lining for embryo transfer. It includes synchronization of your menstrual cycles.

Usually, in our clinic, IVF involves the fertilization of multiple eggs to guarantee that the best quality ones are transferred, but you won`t have to worry about where to find a place to store them! Our center offers surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer (FET), which includes preserving your embryos, so you can use them in the future to give birth to your second child. The decision on how many embryos to create and transfer is guided by medical recommendations and individual characteristics.

After the egg collection, fertilization, and embryo culture, the embryo will be transferred to the uterus of your surrogate. As soon as your baby`s heartbeat is confirmed, your surrogate will receive all the necessary pregnancy care. She will be in constant contact with her doctor and coordinator, who will ensure that her health is excellent and nothing extra is required. She will regularly come for her blood tests, ultrasounds, or any other procedures she will need during her pregnancy to guarantee that everything`s fine.

You will also have a personal coordinator who will regularly inform you about your surrogate`s medical and emotional state. You can always attend an ultrasound or any other examination in person or online. Delivery will take place in Lviv at one of the local state hospitals.

Surrogacy cost: Surrogacy with your own oocytes or donor eggs

Ukraine has become one of the top destinations for gestational surrogacy because here this procedure is significantly cheaper than in most other countries, and the Ukrainian legislation stipulates all the requirements both for the intended parents and surrogate mothers to take part in such a program.

The decision on choosing the type of surrogacy is guided by medical indications and legal requirements. Women who produce good-quality eggs but can`t carry the baby can opt for surrogacy and IVF with their own oocytes. Women who can`t carry a child and have a poor quality of eggs may be recommended to use surrogacy with donor oocytes.

Of course, you have to understand that the number of IVF cycles and fertilized embryos influence the price for surrogacy services in any fertility agency, as well as the fact whether you need to use donor eggs or sperm. But on average, such services in Ukraine are cheaper than in reproductive centers in other European countries.

In some countries, surrogacy might not be affordable (like in the USA or the United Kingdom) or even forbidden (like Germany and Italy). That is why people from such countries, after failing to find fertility companies "near me", start looking where to find the solutions they need and quite often decide to go abroad in purchasing their dream of parenting a child.

Understanding that, we have created our surrogacy packages taking into account every aspect and setting quite reasonable average prices for high-quality services in our agency.

Our clinic "Parens Fertility" in Lviv has already helped dozens of people from all over the world (e.g., Italy, France, Austria, Germany) to make their dreams about becoming a mom and dad come true.

Surrogacy might not be that affordable, depending on the country. We have created our packages with everything required for quite a reasonable price to help our patients reach their dreams of motherhood. Our surrogacy program includes full legal support, which covers everything from the initial consultation, drafting of the surrogacy contract to the registration of your child.

We know how important this journey is to you, so Parens Fertility is the place where you will be surrounded by caring people and will finally hear your baby`s laugh.


⭐Is commercial surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Both commercial and altruistic surrogacy are legal in Ukraine. Intended parents and their surrogate should agree on the amount of compensation before the start of the program. This information is also included in the surrogacy contract signed prior to the stimulation.

⚡How much does surrogacy cost?

The cost of surrogacy program with Parens Fertility starts from 34.150 EUR.

⌛What is the first steps to begin our surrogacy journey?

The first thing any couple needs to do is to select agency which will help them and who will perfectly arrange their journey to parenthood. Our intended parents start their program with preparation of the set of documents required by the Ukrainian law. Then, they sign all the agreements and select a surrogate. Right after that, it is possible to start the medical part and prepare the surrogate for the embryo transfer.

👉 How do you get started with the surrogacy process?

In order to start the surrogacy program, couples select a reliable agency/clinic to work with and sign all the documents with them. Their following step is, as a rule, the creation of embryos which will be transferred into the surrogate's uterus. Once IPs have embryos, IVF specialists can start the preparation for the ET.

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