Surrogacy with Egg Donor

Surrogacy with your own oocytes and donor eggs is one of the most popular fertility services in "Parens Fertility" in Lviv.

We work in a way that intended parents feel support and care during their surrogate program in Ukraine. Each of our surrogacy packages includes a full range of organizational, medical, and legal services for you to feel the happiness of being parents.

One of our frequently used services is surrogacy with donor egg or as it is also called gestational surrogacy. In this type of program, a surrogate mother carries a baby who has no genetic link to her. The order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 dated September 9, 2013, clearly stipulates that we cannot use both donor eggs and donor sperm for this program because an embryo transferred in surrogacy programs has to be genetically connected to at least one biological parent.

According to Ukrainian law, intended parents have to:

Egg donation programs may be the only solution for many women who want to become a mom and can`t due to some medical indications. For example, it may be recommended to women with low ovarian reserve, meaning that the quality of eggs is too poor to give birth to a child with no health issues, combined with the inability to carry a baby due to health reasons.

The requirements to an egg donor

The surrogacy program with donor eggs includes finding the best egg donor following your requirements and preferences. All egg donors we recruit at "Parens Fertility" undergo a full screening for the presence of various diseases, including psychological and genetic ones. Your surrogate will be fully prepared for pregnancy from a medical perspective and will be completely healthy. As soon as you choose a surrogate and a donor, IVF specialists will start preparing them for egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

Ukrainian legislation also clearly stipulates the requirements for an egg donor to guarantee the success of the procedure:

Since our agency provides a full set of surrogacy services, you won`t have to worry about where to find a donor or surrogate or search for them in other clinics. We have already taken care of all that!

Continuous control

In our fertility center, we care about our success rates; for this reason, we conduct an in-depth assessment of our donors and surrogates. What is more, you can be calm about the health and safety of your future child because we continuously monitor our surrogates.

The gestational carrier is constantly in touch with her doctor and coordinator, who takes care of her health and well-being. You also get a personal coordinator who will regularly inform you about your surrogate`s health and emotional state.

Surrogacy with egg donation programs also includes full legal support covering everything from the initial consultation with a lawyer, drafting contracts to the registration of your child, and the issuance of the Ukrainian birth certificate.

For some patients, egg donation is the only way to finally hear such a desired word "mom" uttered by their beloved baby. Surrogacy with egg donation is a commonly used procedure today; however, it is illegal to conceive a child in this way in many countries like Germany or Italy. Since citizens of such countries can`t find any fertility solutions they need "near me," they decide to go abroad searching for available and cheap services.

In recent years, Ukraine has become one of the most popular destinations for surrogacy among those patients who crave to experience the joy of motherhood. Low prices are not the only reason for visiting Ukrainian fertility centers and companies; another factor is the high quality of services complying with the latest European requirements in this sphere. The latter one guarantees high average success rates at a reasonable price.

Our clinic in Lviv has already helped hundreds of couples from different world countries (including France, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc.) to become parents using our Surrogacy Program with their own oocytes and donor eggs.

With "Parens Fertility," you won`t have to worry about where to find a perfect-match donor or how many eggs you need for your surrogacy program. Experts in our agency will provide you with all the support you need and help you choose the donor who will comply with your requirements on appearance match (skin, hair, eyes color, etc.), hobbies, education, and lifestyle. And if you decide to freeze your surplus embryos for future, you can use our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Program.

Our team puts every effort into the successful result and surrounds you with care for you to become parents and finally hear the laughter of your little baby.

Surrogacy with donor’s oocytes -Trimester Chart 2

Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy with own donors oocytes

From 52 000 EUR


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