Egg donation programs

If a woman produces eggs of a poor quality or produces no eggs at all she has a chance to conceive by using an egg donor. At Parens Fertility we can offer you a large choice of egg donors – healthy mothers who have a strong desire to make you happy parents.

The Egg Donation program will be the best option for patients who:


You will be able to review their adult photographs, information about their lifestyle, hobbies and their family. You can be sure she is in the perfect health as all our egg donors are rigorously screened on the presence of any diseases, including genetic and psychological ones.
At Parens Fertility you can choose between two egg donation programs – with vitrified or fresh donor’s oocytes. In the first case, we offer you a set of 10 vitrified oocytes, which we warm at the day of fertilization. If you decide to use fresh eggs, the Doctor will synchronize your and donor’s cycles in order to receive fresh embryos for the transfer. During fresh donation we guarantee you 10 fresh mature oocytes. All surplus embryos will be cryopreserved for the further use.

In order to get free consultation on this type of program, please, contact us.
It will be our pleasure to share with you your journey to parenthood!