Egg Donation programs

If a woman produces poor quality eggs or does not produce eggs at all, she has a chance to get pregnant with the help of an egg donor. At Parens Fertility we can offer you a large choice of egg donors - healthy mothers who really want to give you the happiness of parenthood. Affordable egg donor programs are your opportunity to feel the baby’s movements under your heart, and eventually, to hear the much-desired word “mother”.

Who are the egg donation programs for?

We offer egg donation services for patients who:

According to Ukrainian law, egg donors must meet the following criteria:

You will be able to view their adult or child photos , information about their lifestyle, hobbies and family. You can be sure that the woman has excellent health because all the egg donors in our database are tested for any diseases, including genetic ones and also undergo psychological screening.


In Parens Fertility, you can choose one of two egg donation programs - with vitrified or fresh donor eggs. In the first case, we offer you a set of 10 frozen oocytes, which we warm on the day of fertilization. If you decide to use fresh eggs, the doctor will synchronize your and the donor`s cycles to get fresh embryos for a transfer. During the fresh donation, we guarantee you 10 fresh mature oocytes. All excess embryos will be cryopreserved and stored in a cryobank.

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