Egg donation in Ukraine

Egg donation in Ukraine

Egg donation in Ukraine is a trending reproductive service that is becoming more and more popular. For some patients and couples, egg donation is the only chance to conceive a child and overcome the burden of infertility and inability to experience the joy of parenthood. Even though in many countries, egg donation is forbidden by the law, Ukraine is still a country friendly to oocyte donation and traditional surrogacy. The legislation of this country is highly beneficial to cell- recipients and genetic parents, so it’s no wonder that every year more and more couples struggling with infertility come to Ukraine seeking for help and support.

Who can use the egg donation services in Ukraine?

Not only married couples may use the egg donation services in Ukraine, but also single independent women, who desire to bring the child up on their own. There are many conditions that impede natural conception in women, and the indications for IVF with donor eggs are as follows:

  • Congenital or acquired absence of oocytes due to menopause;
  • The risk of transmitting chromosomal abnormalities;
  • Failed IVF cycles in the past with the poor quality of embryos or poor response to ovarian stimulation.

At their request, the recipients may obtain a phenotype description of the donor, specifying their appearance, and detailed information about her age, education, occupation, medical history and other relevant information, like her hobbies and favourite activities. What is more, doctors do all their best to find the most similar-looking donor for the recipient to ensure the child would look like the recipient of the oocytes. By studying profiles, the parents may choose the donor they think would the most suitable for donating an oocyte for conceiving a child in their family.

Who can donate oocytes in Ukraine?

Egg donation in Ukraine is strictly regulated by the legislation to make sure that the woman who is willing to help others with fertility issues has no health problems and can provide high-quality oocytes for fertilization. Fertility clinics in Ukraine are obliged to perform a complex medical examination of donors and screen them for a number of infectious diseases and chromosomal abnormalities. They ensure that a woman meets the following criteria to be eligible for donation:

  • Proper age (18-30 y.o.);
  • At least one own healthy child;
  • No adverse genes-related abnormalities;
  • Good mental and physical status;
  • No bad habits, like smoking or alcohol misuse.

For this reason, a donor-to-be should undergo a fully-fledged examination by several doctors, including gynecologist and physician, and present a report on a number of lab test results that include karyotype test, gene mutation blood test, biochemistry, tests for TORCH-infections (IgG and IgM) and STDs (syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C) etc. By performing such a comprehensive screening, it is possible to ensure that only the healthiest donors get into donor database and that the services, provided by the clinic meet the highest quality standards. 

Anonymity of donors and recipients 

According to the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation, both egg donors and recipients in Ukraine are completely anonymous, and there is no risk of disclosing any information that would enable breach of confidentiality. In Ukraine, egg donors have no access to any information about the recipients, and the procedure of donation is strictly regulated by the national laws. 

Benefits of using Ukrainian egg donation programs

Egg donation program in Ukraine is one of the most affordable and convenient for the patients seeking possibilities to become parents. It presents a number of advantages, in particular:

  • Patient has a chance to choose a similarly looking oocyte donor and get a full information on her background (education, occupation, hobbies, medical history, etc.);
  • In Ukraine, egg donors undergo a high-quality examination by different medical experts and with a number of lab tests;
  • The price of egg donation services in Ukraine is sufficiently lower than in other countries and it is cheaper than in other countries even including all the side-expenses, like accommodation and flights;
  • Ukrainian legislation ensures anonymity of donors and recipients;
  • Strict laws on donor eligibility and requirements on procedure performance.

If you want to find out whether you can use an egg donation program in Ukraine or you would like to get more information about egg donation in Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact our agency and schedule a consultation. Our experts would be glad to help you and provide you with all the necessary support and information!