Endometriosis and IVF

Endometriosis and IVF

Women who refer to a gynecologist because they can’t get conceive for a long time or who want to try IVF are often diagnosed with a scary-sounding diagnosis “endometriosis”. The prevailing number of women who have this condition may have to symptoms and conceive without any problems, but for some, this disorder may be a source of multiple health issues – from severe discomfort to infertility. It is no wonder that women who opt for ART want to know how IVF and endometriosis correlate and how successful may the IVF in endometriosis-affected patients. For this reason, digging deeper into this topic is so important.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a progressive disease when your endometrium (the tissue around your uterus) implants and grows in your abdominal cavity. Very often endometriosis involves ovaries, fallopian tubes and other tissues. It causes their obstruction, and in this way, it may cause some fertility issues. 

The most common complains of women suffering from endometriosis include:

  • Severe menstrual cramps (it is a reason to be concerned when painful periods start after you had pain-free ones);
  • discomfort during intercourse;
  • other types of pain before and during periods (back, pelvic, etc.);
  • different intestinal upsets during your menstruation (diarrhea or constipation);
  • issues with urination during your periods (they may be unusually frequent or painful).

Generally, the reasons for endometriosis emergence are unclear, though some doctors claim that genetic and lifestyle factors may be the triggers that contribute to the development of this condition. Many women don’t even know that they have this disorder, and those who feel any disturbing symptoms (from listed above) may receive hormone therapy to eliminate the discomfort and pain or even get the surgery.

Despite the unclear nature of this condition, the statistics provide the evidence that around 35-50% of women diagnosed with endometriosis come over the issues with natural conception and often decide to use assisted reproductive technologies to facilitate this process.

Endometriosis and infertility treatment

IVF is a great solution for endometriosis-positive women who find it difficult to conceive naturally. It happens because endometriosis triggers the changes in pelvic tissue and some anatomic changes – the scar tissue may prevent the egg from getting into the tube or impede its fertilization. The good news is that if endometriosis is treated, the chances of achieving pregnancy and the chances of successful embryo transplant in the IVF round increase dramatically.

In reproductive clinics, fertility doctors extremely carefully select the fertility medication to facilitate the improvement of the environment in your uterus to make it friendlier to embryo implantation. In some severe cases of endometriosis the doctor may recommend you a laparoscopic surgery to remove the growths and areas affected with the scar tissue caused by this condition, and in a few months after the tissue heals you may begin your IVF cycle and be sure that the success rate would be the highest.

What is IVF success rate with endometriosis-caused complications?

The recent studies have discovered some negative correlation between the IVF success rates and endometriosis stage. The more severe is the condition the lower are the chances of IVF success. It means that women with the 4 stage of this disorder face more issues with conception than those who have the 1 or 2 stage. Actually, the chances to conceive naturally with mild (1-2 stages) endometriosis are almost the same as they are for healthy women. 

In the case of IVF and endometriosis, the situation is quite similar. If the woman presents a mild form of this disease, there are more chances that the cycle will be successful. If the woman is diagnosed with the severe form of this condition, she may opt for surgery and increase her chances of successful embryo implantation and childbearing. 

All in all, IVF success with endometriosis is quite possible and achievable. This diagnosis may, of course, make the process longer due to some time-consuming treatment procedures ( for example, you will need to wait for a few months after the surgery to start the IVF cycle), but it is a little price to pay for experiencing the joy of parenthood.

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We do believe that in women diagnosed with endometriosis, IVF specialist needs to be extremely careful and attentive to ensure the success of the treatment procedures. We know that with endometriosis IVF may be a bit challenging but we are ready to do our best to help you!

If you require more information about endometriosis and IVF, feel free to contact our manager to schedule a consultation with our fertility doctor or gynecologist who will help you to fight back infertility issues and other associated disorders.