Why do people choose pregnancy in Ukraine

Why do people choose pregnancy in Ukraine

The modern world presents us with so many great opportunities, the development of the state-of-art technologies and devices improves our lives every day. We have conquered the space, explored the deepest sea cavities, divided an atom into pieces, but even achieving all that humanity is still unable to deal with some other issues, which seem to be more trivial and uncomplicated. However, those unsolved problems are of great importance too. One of them is the infertility treatment, which is sometimes impossible to overcome, and which prevents so many people from experiencing the joy of parenthood. That is why many couples seek for other options when standard IVF procedures are ineffective.

One of such options is surrogacy. It presents a great opportunity for a couple that faced infertility to have a baby and enjoy the parenthood.  In many countries, this procedure is forbidden or strictly regulated; that is why patients often opt for going abroad to seek for help and support they need. Ukraine is one of the top trending countries patient choose to visit to get surrogacy services. Given that surrogacy in Ukraine is an easily accessible and a rather affordable reproductive procedure, it becomes even more popular among the people are willing to become parents. And its position in the list of top countries for surrogacy is enhanced by the fact that surrogacy cost in Ukraine is more affordable than in other countries.

Why surrogacy in Ukraine is trending right now?

With Thailand, Mexico and India banning surrogacy, the number of countries providing this type of services sufficiently reduced and right now Ukraine is one of the few world countries that are believed to be “friendly” to surrogacy. Not only is it popular for allowing surrogacy, but also for the application of the state-of-art technologies. Since surrogacy is a highly competitive, demanding and fast-pace developing sphere, Ukrainian clinics attempt to provide the best possible services and use the advanced assays and methods that meet the highest European standards.

The surrogacy stages in Ukrainian clinics involve the following: 

  • Examination of a surrogate mother in Ukraine. A surrogate mother undergoes a strict medical examination to identify whether she meets the requirements for participating in the program. She should be of gestational age, completely healthy, both in physical and mental aspects, have at least one child of her own. 
  • IVF procedure. The embryo is created through the IVF procedure, using either the donor reproductive material or reproductive tissues of the parents-to-be. 
  • Prenatal care. A clinic provides a comprehensive complex medical support to a surrogate mother during her pregnancy: from the initial transfer of the embryo into the womb to the birth in a hospital, ensuring that the baby is developing properly and perfectly normal.

Why should you choose surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is a convenient process ensuring the best results and a number of advantages, including:

  • The surrogacy costs in the Ukrainian surrogacy clinics, and the side-expenses, are sufficiently cheaper than in other surrogacy-friendly countries. 
  • Surrogacy mothers in Ukraine are carefully examined and monitored both before and during their pregnancy. 
  • Biological parents are legally registered as parents from the moment the child is born.

Legal regulation of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine

In Ukraine, surrogacy was officially legalized in 2004 and the current laws turned out to be pretty liberal. For this reason, Ukrainian surrogacy legislation is highly beneficial for the parents of the child born in a result of a surrogacy procedure. It stipulates that the couple, whose biological material was used for conceiving an embryo using assisted reproductive technologies, is recognized to be the parents of the child born from a surrogate mother who carried that embryo. In this way, the law grants that the surrogacy mother has no legal ground for acquiring any parental rights to the child after it is born. What is more, there is the norm stating that the biologically-related parents are registered as the “legal” parents of the child from its very birth. It makes the life of the couples referring for surrogacy services way easier they don’t have to go through a complicated procedure of post-birth adoption (like in Quebec, New Brunswick, and some states of the USA), their names are listed on the birth certificate from the very beginning.

Ensuring that your surrogate mother follows the healthy lifestyle and doctor’s advice

Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine usually provide surrogate mothers with a more careful parental care and control whether the woman meets agreement requirements and doctor’s advice, including healthy lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco refusal. The breaches of these rules may be easily detected by the tests that are regularly performed.

If you have been thinking about using surrogacy services in Ukraine, but you are still considering all the aspects of this process or need some additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Parens Fertility to schedule a consultation with our experts. We will help you to enjoy the desired parenthood!