Surrogacy with Egg Donor

Surrogacy with egg donation is a commonly used procedure today. We work in a way that intended parents feel confidence and care during their surrogate program in Ukraine. Each of our surrogacy packages includes a full range of organizational, medical, and legal services for you to feel the happiness of being parents. One of our frequently used services is surrogacy with donor egg or as it is also called gestational surrogacy. In this type of program, a surrogate mother carries a baby who has no genetic link to her. According to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 dated September 9, 2013, we cannot use donor eggs and donor sperm for this program because an embryo transferred in surrogacy programs has to be genetically connected to at least one biological parent.

According to Ukrainian law, intended parents have to:

The surrogacy program with donor eggs includes finding the best egg donor following your requirements and preferences. All egg donors we recruit at Parens Fertility undergo a full screening for for the presence of various diseases, including psychological and genetic ones. Your surrogate will be fully prepared for pregnancy from a medical point of view and will be completely healthy. As soon as you make your choice regarding a surrogate and a donor, IVF specialists will start preparing them for egg collection and embryo transfer.

Constant control

The gestational carrier will be constantly in touch with her doctor and coordinator, who will take care of her health and well-being. You will also have a personal coordinator who will regularly inform you about the medical and emotional state of your surrogate.

Surrogacy with egg donation programs also include full legal support, that covers everything from the initial consultation with a lawyer, drafting contracts to the registration of your child and the issuance of the Ukrainian birth certificate.

Our team puts every effort for the successful result and surrounds you with care for you to become parents and finally hear the laughter of your little baby.

We know how important this path to parenthood is for you, that is why Parens Fertility is the place where you will finally hear the laugher of your child.

Trimester Chart

Surrogacy with donor’s oocytes -Trimester Chart 2

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