Surrogacy with donor’s oocytes

Our goal at Parens Fertility to make your surrogacy journey in Ukraine as easy as possible as we understand how stressful this process can be. Each of our surrogacy programs includes the whole set of organizational, medical and legal services aiming at you feeling the happiness and joy of becoming parents.

According to the Ukrainian legislation, intended parents have to be heterosexual officially married couple and need to have medical indications to surrogacy.

In surrogacy with donor’s oocytes we will find the best egg donor and Surrogate match for you according to your requirements and preferences. All egg donors at Parens are fully screened for medical, psychological and genetic-related diseases. Your surrogate will be fully medically prepared for the pregnancy and will be in the perfect health state. Once you make your choise on your Surrogate and donor,

IVF specialists start preparing them for the egg collection and embryo transfer. After the egg collection, fertilization and embryo culture an embryo will be transferred into the uterus of your Surrogate. Right after the heartbeat of your baby is confirmed your Surrogate will be receiving all pregnancy care required for the. She will be in the constant touch with her Doctor and coordinator. You will be also having your personal coordinator who will update you regularly on the medical and emotional state of your Surrogate. You are always welcome to be present at any ultrasounds or checkups. The delivery will take place in Lviv in one of the local maternity hospitals. After the birth of your baby you will receive the official birth certificate with you indicated as parents. Our surrogacy process has full legal support which covers everything starting form counselling, drafting of the agreements and ending with the registration of your baby. Exit process guided by the professional lawyer for home country is available.

We know how important this path to parenthood is for you, that is why Parens Fertility it is the place where you will finally hear the laugher of your child.

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