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Since "Parens Fertility" is the company that works mainly with clients from abroad, we understand how worried our patients can be about their donors or surrogates. For example, it`s pretty challenging to control what is going on with your frozen embryo or surrogate mother in Ukraine if you live in Germany or Britain.

Having this in mind and inspired by the original concept of a health care proxy, we came up with an idea to establish a position of an adapted surrogate care (coordinator) for infertility treatment.

What is a surrogate care service in its original meaning?

A surrogate care is a person that has a right to make medical decisions for a patient who can`t do it on their own due to the loss of consciousness, disability, etc.

How do we interpret the idea of a surrogate care in "Parens Fertility"?

In our agency, every patient is assigned a health care coordinator (surrogate) who takes care of any issues you may face and helps you solve them. This person supports you throughout the whole treatment process and reminds you about your medicines and doctor visits/consultations. A health care surrogate is always contactable – you can call any time and ask for assistance or information.

This practice is particularly beneficial in donor and surrogate programs because our patients are often highly concerned about this progress. For example, in a donor program or surrogacy with donor oocytes, a health surrogate takes care of whether your donor sticks to her medicines and leads a healthy lifestyle.

In the case of surrogate motherhood programs, a health care coordinator in our fertility center invites your surrogate for regular, scheduled visits, doctor`s consultations, ensures that she takes her drugs and prenatal vitamins. This person also makes sure that your surrogate mother has everything she needs, follows all the recommendations, and leads a healthy and riskless lifestyle to guarantee that your child is safe.

One of the most important functions of a health care coordinator is communication. The one is a sort of a link or mediator between the patient, doctor, and a surrogate/donor, so he or she should have excellent communication skills to deliver the messages and updates clearly without any misunderstandings. For this reason, a health care surrogate is constantly in touch with all people involved in the treatment.

A health care coordinator is a person to refer to if you want to get answers to the most challenging questions, like about the average success rates of surrogacy with your own oocytes and donor`s oocytes in our company or how many embryos to freeze for FET.

How can you appoint a surrogate care

The designation of a surrogate care in most countries is regulated by law. Usually, the closest relatives and doctors have a right to perform this function without any additional legal documents. However, if you want to assign another person to become your personal HCS or regulate your spouse`s authority in this aspect, you need to sign a power of attorney.

In "Parens Fertility," we appoint a health care coordinator to you by default because we want to ensure that your motherhood journey with our agency is careless and result in you parenting a happy and healthy child.

Our fertility company does not charge our patients with any additional fees for a health care surrogate – it`s included in the total price. Treatment in our infertility center in Lviv is cheaper than in most European countries, so no wonder that many patients from abroad come to us to get high-quality services at a reasonable price and with high average success rates.

Another benefit of treatment in Ukraine is that we provide some treatment solutions, which are impossible to get in some countries with Google-search inquiry "surrogacy services near me "or "egg donor program near me," because they are forbidden, like surrogacy in Germany and Italy.

Surrogate care: whom can you assign?

Your doctor, husband/wife, other relatives, or any person you prefer can be your HCS. What is the most important is that you should trust this person 100%. A health care surrogate should know you and your preferences well. Also, it`s a great idea to discuss with your trusted person some possible scenarios of ill health, for example:

· What to do in case of irreversible brain damage?

· Do you want to be an organ donor?

· Are there any religious convictions to be considered when making a decision?

Another aspect to consider is that your HCS should be of full legal age and full legal capacity.

In "Parens Fertility" in Lviv, Ukraine, health care coordinators are highly qualified managers with extensive knowledge about reproductive health, treatment procedures we practice in our clinic, excellent communication, and management skills. The HCS in our agency are the people who understand how hard your parenthood journey is. Not only do they provide you assistance with solving your medical issues, but they also provide you compassionate support whenever you are in doubt or have any questions, or have faced anxiety and despair.

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