Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer (FET)

Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer is a program aimed at the infertility treatment which involves the transfer of the embryo(os) created as a result of the IVF cycle in the past to the prepared uterus of a surrogate. 

What are the requirements for surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer?

According to the law of Ukraine, it is essential for all intended parents to meet several criteria:

When should you consider surrogacy with FET?

It is always worth remembering that infertility doesn’t mean you won’t be able to become happy parents. Thanks to the advanced technologies in the reproductive field it is possible to have own biological child even if you cannot carry it for some specific reason. As a rule, intended parents who go for the surrogacy program with frozen embryo transfer have already had several failed IVF programs for themselves. When it comes to the necessity of having the surrogate mother, IPs decide to transfer first embryos they already have.

What is the procedure?

First thing you have to do to start this type of program is to transport your embryos to us. After the transportation and signing of all documents you can move to the selection of your surrogate. We know how important it is to feel comfortable with your surrogate, that is why we provide the personalized selection and adhere to your wishes in this question. Any candidate is in perfect health and is already tested ono the presence of different diseases. It is important to make sure she has all chances to carry the pregnancy to the term without complications. 

When embryos are in Ukraine, we start the uterine preparation of your surrogate for a transfer, which takes around 18-22 days. In ten days after the transfer she does the hCG test to confirm the embryo has implanted. The first time you’ll hear the heartbeat of your baby will be in about a month after the pregnancy is confirmed. 

You will be regularly getting any news and updates about your baby’s and surrogate’s health. Our intended parents feel fully involved in their journey even if they live in another corner of the world. We will schedule video calls with your surrogate and will be there to support you at any time. All surrogates move as close a possible to the maternity hospital from the 20th week because in case she needs any help she will get it within several minutes.

Our surrogacy programs also include the legal support, they take care of all the documents at the beginning and help with anything you may need during the pregnancy. When your baby is born, they will help with the issuance of the Ukrainian birth certificate.

Contact us now and get a free consultation about this type of program. It is our pleasure to help with anything you may need!

We know how important this path to parenthood is for you, that is why Parens Fertility is the place where you will finally hear the laugher of your child.

Trimester Chart

Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer (FET)-Trimester Chart 2

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