Legal support in «Parens Fertility»

Legal part of any assisted reproductive technology program is extremely important and valuable, that is why taking the given significance we engaged with assistance of the top law specialists – Anastasia Herman law office.

For understanding the legal base, law requirements and significant aspects, we highly recommend learning about Ukrainian reproductive law prior to any treatment arrangement you are planning to undergo in Ukraine.

Ms. Herman has a vast experience on legal assistance with clients all over the world and is very familiar with the complex Fertility and Surrogacy law. regulations in 31 countries. 200+ happy parents were effectively guided by Ms. Herman and more than 260 children received her professional counseling and assistance.

Ms. Herman will advocate for you, her empathy, kindness, and non-judgmental values sets her practice apart from all the others. She focuses on helping you achieve your goals and will be with you every step of the way.

For getting legal advice please contact us or Anastasia Herman office

ᐉ Legal support in «Parens Fertility» Clinic • Legal aspects of surrogacy in UkraineAnastasia Herman LL.M
Fertility & Family law specialist
+38 097 25 26 980

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