Egg freezing

Egg freezing is one of the most popular and successful treatment services in the clinic "Parens Fertility" in Lviv. This solution is recommended to women who want to preserve their chances to become a mom but want to postpone parenthood to later stages of their lives.

What is exactly meant by egg freezing?

The procedure in the first place aims at the induction of follicle growth with their further retrieval. During this period woman gives herself hormone injections daily for around twelve days. This medication will induce follicles` development, and on a specific day, a doctor collects them by using a special needle and ultrasound. Then, all good quality eggs will be vitrified and kept in a clinic until the woman decides or will be able to use them. This is all done to warm the frozen oocytes when the right time comes as the patient decides to postpone her motherhood in this way for a reason.

Who may consider undergoing this procedure?

There are different reasons for women to try this type of assisted reproductive technology. Here are the most common ones:

Medical reason. Due to a specific medical reason, a woman may face the fact that if she doesn`t decide to preserve her fertility now, there won`t be big chances to have a biological baby in the future. Such medical states include cancer, the cases of premature ovarian failure in the family, etc. If a woman can`t use her own oocytes for IVF-cycle due to medical reasons, she may opt to use our Egg Donation Program or Embryo Donation Programs. Using services in our fertility center, you won`t have to worry where to find a perfect donor because we have our own cryo-bank and donor database, and our doctors will assist you on every stage of donation or surrogacy programs.

Not right time. Egg freezing has become a way to postpone the time when a woman will be immersed in motherhood. Some women do not want to feel the pressure of the advanced age and do oocyte preservation to come back to this question at the right time in their lives.

Personal reasons. You may not be sure if you are willing to become a mother one day but do not want to lose this chance and have options. Some of them explain this intention by the absence of the right partner at this point in their lives.

What are the stages of egg freezing?

If you have a strong determination to go for oocyte cryopreservation, the first thing you need to do is to get a consultation on this subject from a specialist. A doctor will create the plan of action and will prepare you for the central part of this process – the induction of superovulation. Your fertility specialist will also check your hormone levels and assess your ovarian reserve to prescribe you the individual dosage of medication.

Your journey will start at the beginning of your menstrual cycle and involve daily injections for around two weeks. Any woman who is undergoing this type of stimulation is coming for check-ups and blood tests at least three times during this time. The next stage is egg retrieval, which is minimally invasive and is done while you are asleep and don`t feel anything. Under the ultrasound guidance, the doctor aspirates follicles from the ovaries by using the aspiration needle. The decision on how many eggs to retrieve is highly individual and requires a doctor`s advice, but the general principle is "the more – the better".

Your last step will be the cryopreservation of mature eggs. Vitrification is a method used for these purposes. It allows cryopreserving biological material (such as eggs, sperm, or embryos) without the risk of damaging it, unlike the slow method of cryopreservation used in the past.

If you want to guarantee higher success rates of your future IVF, you can freeze fertilized eggs with our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) programs.

One of the significant advantages of doing this procedure in Ukraine is the cheap cost of egg freezing and the price for their storage compared with other countries. However, in no way do low prices mean any poorer quality of services. Our fertility center complies with the most recent European legislation in reproductive medicine, and we guarantee the highest quality of our services and average success rates.

Suppose you look where to find treatment services which are not available in your country (like surrogacy or donor programs in Germany, Italy, and France) and are not scared to go abroad to pursue your dream of becoming a mom. In that case, the center "Parens Fertility" in Lviv is an excellent option for you.

If egg freezing or any other fertility services are nowhere to find in your country or reproductive companies don`t offer them near you, you can think about resorting to an agency abroad to freeze your eggs, achieve pregnancy or find any other solution that will be perfectly suitable for you.

Our company offers high-quality services at reasonable prices (cheaper than in most European countries) and successful average results. Our agency has already helped dozens of couples worldwide – France, Germany, Italy, the USA – to feel the joy of parenthood.

It`s a pleasure for our fertility experts to help you with your pregnancy and giving birth to a child. Our highly qualified staff will gladly develop an individual treatment protocol to help you overcome infertility and become parents of a healthy and happy child.

Don`t hesitate to contact our manager in Ukraine and schedule a consultation with an expert.

Cost of egg freezing

Egg freezing

Initial consultation with your personal IVF specialist and Medical


Creation of the treatment plan

Constant support during the treatment

Egg retrieval under general anesthesia

Cryopreservation of two straws of oocytes and their storage for 1 year

Support at any stage of the program and after its completion

2900 EUR



⭐Why should I use your agency instead of using a clinic directly?

If you contact clinic in another country directly you may experience difficulties with organizing your treatment being far away and with understanding the medical staff upon your arrival. Agency organizes your treatment program and makes sure it goes in accordance with the plan and in such a way you are always having support no matter where you are located and what language you speak.

⚡What are the requirements for the surrogate?

Any woman who would like to become a surrogate, must have at least one healthy baby of her own. She needs to be a totally healthy person and be approved by the IVF specialists as a surrogate. All surrogates mustn't have any bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. They should also be 100% psychologically ready for this responsibility and to have support from their family and/or friends. There is no specific restriction as for the age, each clinic sets them on their own. Parens Fertility recruits women in the range of 20 to 35 years old.

⌛What are the tests of a potential egg donor?

All tests which any egg donor does before the egg donation program are listed in the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the Application of the ART and they aim at checking the general state of the health, hormone levels, detecting genetic abnormalities, infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted ones, etc.

👉 What are the requirements for an egg donor?

Egg donors in Ukraine must have at least one healthy biological baby. Each clinic sets its own age limits, at Parens, the maximum age of our egg donors is 30 years. They should also be approved by the medical staff, especially by the IVF specialist and all their medical testing needs to be in the normal ranges. Egg donors cannot have any bad habits or hereditary diseases.

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