Embryo donation program

It is true that the rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies and their application has helped countless number of people to become parents. With every year there are even more and more people who are creating embryos as a result of IVF and transferring them. The number of attempts required to achieve pregnancy has never been standard. Some couples do it from the first transfer and other couples may need more of them. The success depends on the age of partners, the quality of their biological material, the fact if the donor material was used, the type of stimulation, professional skills of the medical staff and embryologists, etc. Everyone who has been struggling with infertility issues feels over the moon when gets positive pregnancy test and it is always amazing to observe the achievements of the reproductive medicine.

Where does one get embryo for adoption?

However, as a rule this leads to the abundance of surplus embryos. Each patient has to decide what to do with his or her embryo(s):

Why do people adopt an embryo?

Embryo donation program gives a good chance for other people who have no desire or possibility to go for the IVF cycle or for single women to get pregnant. This program helps to avoid the ovarian stimulation process and just prepare for the embryo transfer. Another advantage of this procedure is its price. It might not be affordable to do the full IVF cycle in Europe or in the US, while embryo donation may become a good solution here. A lot of clinics and agencies offer embryo adoption as there are more and more people who give their embryos to help others.

What are your chances for success?

If you have decided to adopt an embryo, you should be prepared there won’t be a lot of information about them. In general, you will get all the data on the vitrification time, the grading, the blood types but other information depends on the decision of people who have donated it. Some people agree to share more details, but some of them don’t. As a rule, they leave such information as the date of birth, eye/hair colour, height and weight.

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