Embryo donation program

The rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies and their application has helped countless people become parents. Every year, more and more people create embryos as a result of IVF and transfer them. It has always been encumbering for doctors to say how many attempts parents-to-be would need to get pregnant and experience motherhood, and never has this number been standard.

Some couples succeed in the first transfer, and other couples may need more attempts. The success depends on partners` age, the quality of their biological material, use of donor material, the type of stimulation, professional skills of the medical staff and embryologists, and many other factors.

Everyone who has been struggling with infertility issues feels over the moon when they get a positive pregnancy test. Our doctors and fertility specialists in "Parens Fertility" have always been amazed to observe the results achieved with reproductive technologies` assistance.

Where to find an embryo for adoption

Since there is no standard number of embryos to ensure the IVF program`s success, doctors recommend creating several embryos just to be on the safe side. Most fertility agencies offer sets of fixed embryo numbers (e.g., on average sets of 2, 4, 6, etc.) or form a personalized setting for patients to meet their specific needs on how many embryos they may require.

This, as a rule, leads to the abundance of surplus embryos. Each patient has to decide what to do with his or her embryo(s):

In case of resorting to the last option, it is necessary to sign the documents for its destruction, and no one will be able to use the embryos.

Why do people adopt an embryo?


Embryo donation program gives a good chance for other people who have no desire or possibility to go for a full IVF cycle or for single women to experience desired motherhood. By choosing this option, patients can avoid the ovarian stimulation process because doctors need to prepare their patients for embryo transfer.

Another advantage of this procedure is its price. Since a full IVF cycle with your own oocytes or egg donation programs in Europe or the US may be a rather expensive service, embryo donation in Ukraine may become a good solution at a lower price. In some countries, embryo/egg donation and surrogacy are completely forbidden (e.g., Italy and Germany), and fertility companies do not provide such services, so going abroad for families from these areas is the only chance to hear how their baby utters its very first-word "mom."

Embryo donation programs become a more accessible solution for intended parents because more and more clinics and agencies offer embryo adoption, because the number of people who donate their embryos to help others constantly increases.

One more reason to opt for an embryo donation program is the poor quality of parents` biological material that may endanger a baby`s health, such as genetic diseases, meaning that it is impossible to carry out IVF with the patient`s own oocytes. By using a donated embryo, our patients may get a guarantee that only the highest quality embryos will be transferred.

If you have decided to adopt an embryo, you should understand that there won`t be much information about them. In general, you will get all the data on the vitrification time, the grading, the blood types, but other information depends on the decision of people who have donated it. Some people agree to share more details, but some of them don`t. As a rule, they leave such information as the date of birth, eye/hair color, height, and weight.


What are your chances for success?

As in any other reproductive technology, the success of embryo transfer in an embryo donation program depends on several factors, including the health and lifestyle of the intended mom, qualification of fertility experts, doctors and embryologists, other associated health conditions. If specialists carry out all the procedures correctly, the chances for embryo implantation are high.

Some of our clients may have some concerns that, at first, embryos are frozen, and after that, they are warmed for transfer. However, in our clinic, we use the most advanced vitrification and cryopreservation technologies for frozen embryo transfer (FET) that don`t cause any harm to the embryos. So, our recipients don`t have to worry about the health of their future children. What is more, all the embryos are checked before their transplantation to guarantee that only the ones without any deviations (such as genetic or hereditary diseases) are allowed to be transferred to the recipient.

If, after several attempts with donated embryos, pregnancy is not achieved, such a family may be recommended to resort to surrogacy. Since in many European countries such services are illegal (e.g., Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland) or not affordable, many patients go abroad to get a chance to parent a child.

When researching where to find surrogacy or embryo/egg donation services, families discover fertility centers in Ukraine, which offer on average cheap and high-quality procedures. Most of the companies working in the field of reproductive medicine are situated in the two biggest Ukrainian cities – Kyiv and Lviv.

If you have further questions about embryo donation programs in "Parens Fertility," you can contact our office in Lviv and get a free consultation with our team about our available embryo adoption options. Our coordinators are always here to help you!


Please, contact us to get all details of this program, we are always here to assist you with anything!

Cost of Embryo adoptin


Embryo adoption of the existing embryo (1 straw)

Initial consultation with your personal IVF specialist and Medical Coordinator

Creation of the treatment plan

An embryo donated by patients of the medical facility (1 straw)

Support at any stage of the program and after its completion

3 150 EUR


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