Tandem IVF

Tandem IVF is program that requires the fertilization of both donor’s and patient’s eggs by sperm. This treatment type is frequently selected by those people who would like to save their time and have two programs at once. Another advantage of this program is the price, as it is a chance to use donor and your eggs at the same time at the better cost then separately.

Who may consider starting tandem IVF?

After several unsuccessful IVF cycles with their eggs patients start exploring other means how to reach their lifelong dream and often come to the Tandem option. This package lets them try using their eggs and have donor ones as a plan B. You may consider this program in the following cases:

Your IVF specialist may recommend tandem IVF cycle to increase the success rates of getting more embryos of a good grading. If you will select this infertility treatment, embryologist will fertilize two sets of eggs and you will decide if to transfer embryos from your eggs or from donor ones.

What is the procedure?

Patient starts with the fertility testing which must be done before any in-vitro program. Doctor should asses all results and do the individual scheme for the ovarian stimulation for you and your donor. The duration is around 12-14 days and is followed by egg retrieval that takes up to 20 minutes. On this day all the oocytes will be fertilized by ICSI or PICSI method (it depends on donor’s recommendation) and 5 days after, you’ll find out which embryos have turned into blastocysts. On this day you will decide which embryo or embryos to select for a transfer. Before making this choice, doctors and embryologists will provide you with all the information.

Do we use fresh or vitrified eggs donor’s eggs?

Normally, any patient is free to select between fresh and vitrified oocytes. There aren’t a lot of differences between using fresh or frozen eggs. The only change is the number of eggs you’ll actually get. Usually you get a fixed number of eggs, and if you have fresh eggs, you have a 100% guarantee to get this exact number. If we need to warm them, one or two may not survive the warming. We always discuss this question with our patients while creating their plan of treatment.

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